Hi There! I am Yuki Haba (羽場 優紀), a PhD student at Dept. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University. Prior to Princeton, I completed my MA at Columbia University and BS at The University of Tokyo.

I am interested in how and why behavior evolves. Which and how many genes are involved in behavioral evolution? What is the genetic architecture underlying behavioral evolution? Are there any general principles of genetic evolution underpinning behavioral evolution? My specific interest includes population genetics, evolutionary genetics, phylogenetics, and neuroscience.

Currently, I am working on the evolution of Culex pipiens mosquitoes advised by Lindy McBride. Previously, I was advised by Dustin Rubenstein and Molly Przeworski at Columbia and Sheng-Feng Shen at Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

I am originally from Tokyo, Japan. When not at work, I enjoy playing soccer, listening to Jazz, and eating Ramen.