Impacts of deforestation and oil palm plantation on the runoff-processes in humid tropical Sumatra, Indonesia
PI: Dr. T. Sayama

Funded by Kaken [website]

Our group aim to develop a rainfall-runoff model for humid tropics and to assess the impact of land-use and climate change on flooding in Sumatra, Indonesia.

I investigated soil properties and runoff characteristics in forest and oil palm land, by analyzing groundwater and soil moisture records, conducting soil experiments, and simulating the vertical infiltration.

Canyon flow analysis with particle velocity imagery (PIV) technique in San Diego
PI: Dr. H.McMillan

Our group is analyzing the hydrological, landscape, and geomorphological effects on the flood response of urban rivers in arid San Diego. The work will assess the effectiveness and uncertainties of PIV technique in a longitudinal survey.

I am working on the setting and assessment of the field sites and  flow analysis with particle velocity imagery.

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Isotope streamflow analysis in semi-arid urban region, San Diego
PI: Dr. H. McMillan

Our group is working on the identifying source of water in highly modified urban rivers in arid San Diego with isotope analysis EMMA.

I am assisting the data cleaning and literature review about uncertainty in EMMA procedure.