Ryoko Araki | 荒木 稜香
Master of Science Student in Watershed Studies
Department of Geography, San Diego State University
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My research focuses on hydrology and water resources, especially understanding rainfall-runoff processes through observation and modeling at a watershed scale.
I am particularly interested in soil moisture, how it controls water cycles, how to represent the process in modeling, and how to leverage the simulation results for flood and drought management.

hydrology, surface-subsurface processes, soil moisture dynamics,
climate and land-use impacts, flood and droughts


Latest News

5 Oct, 2020          Abstract accepted for AGU 2020! Poster presentation on 16 Dec (H195-0005)
21 Aug, 2020        The 2nd year of Masters’ course has begun!
17 Mar, 2020        Started Work-From-Home because of California state-wide Stay-At-Home order 
28 Jan, 2020        The 2nd semester of Masters’ course has begun!
15 Jan, 2029         Visited France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment

Dec 7-13, 2019   Joined AGU2019 and Berkley Catchment Science Symposium
Oct 31, 2019             Opened the personal webpage


M.Sc., Watershed candidate (Aug 2019 – Present)
Department of Geography, San Diego State University
  I organize a gradate students’ group of water studies called Blue Gold Graduates at SDSU. We hold bi-weekly research seminars with students from Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Geography, Geology etc … Feel free to reach me out to join the group!
Academic supervisor: Dr. Hilary McMillan [webpage]
Thesis title: Quantifying temporal surface-subsurface dynamics from in-situ soil moisture network observation under different land uses

B.Eng., Civil (Apr. 2015 – Mar. 2019)
Undergraduate International Course Program in Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
   Graduated with a top 20% honor
   For students admitted until 2015, Kyoto University does not calculate the official GPA. According to international standards, my GPA would be calculated as 3.74/4.0
   Featured in Student Voice
Thesis title: Characteristics of soil and hillslope runoff in humid tropical forest in Sumatra, Indonesia
Academic supervisor:
Associate Professor Dr.Takahiro Sayama at
Disaster Prevention Research Institute [webpage]

Exchange Program (non-degree seeking, Sep. – Dec. 2017)
Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto

Awards and Honors

Research Excellence
The Best Presentation Award, the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Kansai Chapter Scientific Conference, 2019.5

Academic Excellence
The Excellent Student Award for students graduating with top 20% in the Civil Engineering at Kyoto University, 2019

Scholarship and Fellowships
San Diego State University McFarland Geography Scholarship, 2020
San Diego State University Master’s Research Scholarship, 2020 [SDSU newsletter]
American Association of Japanese University Women Scholarship, 2020
Daishin Corporation Study Abroad Scholarship, 2019  [reports, in Japanese]
Japan Student Service Organization Study Abroad Scholarship, 2019
Kyoto University Yoshida Kishichiro Fellowship for top students in the International Program of Civil Engineering, 2017
Gyomusuper Japan Dream Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship,  2017
Japan Student Service Organization for Short-term Study Abroad Scholarship, 2017

Professional Experiences

Graduate Assistant
Department of Geography, San Diego State University     
Aug 2019 – Present

Laboratory Assistant
Internship at Cw3E at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
Jun 2020 – Present

Teaching Assistant of the class “Experiment in Hydraulics”
Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
Apr 2019 – Jul 2019

Technical Strength

Laboratory and field experiment skills
Basic skill in hydraulics and soil mechanics experiments
Expertized skills in soil moisture tension measurement, permeability test, particle size distribution test, infiltration test, cone-penetrometer test

Software & Tools
Hydrus-1D, MODFLOW, HBV model, DDS calibration, GLUE uncertainty estimation, ArcGIS, gnuplot, LaTeX

Matlab, Fortran, Python, R

English (Professional proficiency), Japanese (Native), Chinese (Intermediate)