Develop fundamental technology.

Transforming innovative manufacturing technologies and the concept of architecture into principles of materials science, I am creating the foundation for a sustainable society. 

Materials Science | Electrochemistry | Additive Manufacturing

I am Kai Narita, a scientist with a Ph.D. degree in Materials Science from the California Institute of Technology. My work includes developing additive manufacturing techniques for carbon, metal, and ceramics and engineering 3D architecture of functional materials for energy applications. My interests also broaden to performing science outreach, creating science arts, and providing opportunities for study all over the world. 
I currently work at 24M technologies as a battery engineer to revolutionize the lithium-ion cell manufacturing process and platform. 


2016-2021 Ph. D.
2014-2016 M. Eng.
2010-2014 B. Eng.

Materials Science, California Institute of Technology
Metallurgy and Ceramics Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Metallurgy, Tokyo Institute of Technology



My daily life at Caltech

Why studying materials science?